Recipe with egg and vegetables Omelette with sweet chilli sauce

Egg and vegetable omelette recipe with sweet chilli sauce

Sweet Chilli sauce is always delicious, I like to eat it with my omelette. I then fill this with lots of vegetables and my sauce goes over this. Did you know that this sauce is now also for sale with 50% less sugar.

To play sports

Sometimes it’s easy to finish cooking quickly. This can be, for example, when exercising. For example, we eat homemade pizza as standard on Friday, because we climb this day, but on other sports days I sometimes look for ideas because my inspiration for one-pan dishes sometimes runs out at some point. And then I thought of a very easy recipe that my mother used to make.

That recipe is an omelette, with stir-fry vegetables and sweet chilli sauce.


I love sauces. Whether it’s a Thai dish or a typical Dutch stew, with chili sauce you make every meal more exciting and tastier. Sweet Chilli Sauce is a party with spring rolls, a golden combination with dumplings. As a dipping sauce with all kinds of snacks.

With a savory pie – too good. Even a simple sandwich becomes much tastier with it. Chili sauce from Inproba is a real seasoning!

For example as a marinade or base for a dressing. Always handy to have on standby.

Less sugar

Sweet Chilli sauce 50% less sugar is for anyone who wants to eat well with less sugar. Half of the sugar has been replaced by stevia, which is extracted from the leaves of the Stevia plant, also known as honey herb. Naturally sweet!

Stevia also contains no calories. Of course, this chili sauce had to taste just as good as the regular version. We have tested it at home and can wholeheartedly say: The taste of the chilli sauce is not inferior to the well-known variant. The sauce is spicy, with the widely acclaimed delicious soft sweet taste.

And that with 50% less sugar, super!

Easy recipe omelette with stir-fry vegetables and sweet chilli sauce

But an easy recipe so, on Mondays I easily get rid of it and then this omelette is super to make and is also very popular with everyone.

For 2 people

  • 6 eggs
  • little milk
  • butter
  • bag of stir-fry vegetables (400 grams)
  • possibly ham cubes
  • Impala sweet chilli sauce

Stir-fry the vegetables in a wok pan. Meanwhile, mix three eggs with a little milk. Put the butter in the frying pan and fry the omelette until done.

Place the omelette on a plate and half the stir-fry vegetables. Fold omelette in half, cover with Sweet Chilli sauce. For the men here in the house I always add some ham cubes.

Lets eat.

what more can you do with this sweet chilli sauce

The Sweet Chilli sauce is also delicious as a dip for prawn crackers.

Omelet with sweet chilli sauce

Here you will find even more delicious recipes with the Sweet chilli sauce from Inproba. You buy this sauce in the supermarket and costs € 1.59

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