Skin Care Babor Ampoule Concentrates

Skincare: Babor Ampoule Concentrates -review

Do you already know Babor? Babor stands for effective formulas and individual skin care and is mostly known for its skin care ampoules. Ampoules that provide smooth and nourished skin.

I used these before and was enthusiastic then, so I was happy to review other ampoules, this time I got to use the Babor Ampoule Concentrates Try Lifting and Energy.

Babor Ampoule Concentrates

Babor comes with a Limited Edition. The Masterpiece Collection. These Babor Ampoule Concentrates collection are true works of art in terms of appearance as they were created by German artist Paul Schrader. There are a total of six ampoule cures to follow:

  • Energy
  • Perfection
  • Repair
  • Lifting
  • Clear
  • Hydra

These ampoules, how to use them

I tested the seven-day ampoule treatment Energy and Lifting. The cure comes in a box in order of days. Very easy so.

I use them myself ’in the evening before going to bed. This is because it feels very fresh and I like it after a busy day. You first clean your face, shake the ampoule and break open the neck of the ampoule with the included ampoule opener.

You pour the concentrate into the palm of your hand and apply it to your face, neck and décolleté.

How the Lifting Set works

The Babor Ampule Concentration Lifting, how it works? There are seven ampoules in the package. These ampoules are carefully matched.

The 4 x 3D Firming and 3 x Lift Express Ampoule Concentrates provide tighter, instantly smoother and younger-looking skin.

This LIFTING Set is specifically designed for mature skin with aging signs such as loss of elasticity and tightness. The carefully selected active ingredients increase skin firmness and elasticity and make various types of wrinkles appear smoother

How the ampoules work

I am very enthusiastic about the Babor ampoules. The concentrate is very fresh, I personally like this and this is also the reason I use it ’at night. This is how I go to bed with a fresh face. The concentrate smells very nice. Whether my skin got more firmness, I always find it difficult to say.

At least my skin feels soft, so the ampoules definitely work.

Babor Ampoule Concentrates Energy Set

The Babor Ampoule Concentrates Energy Set is a real energy boost for tired skin and, thanks to the precise combination of Algae Vitalizer and Multi Vitamin, it provides a more vital and refreshed skin within just 7 days. The skin is intensely hydrated and made stronger and more resilient thanks to the carefully selected active ingredients.

The Energy ampoules

  • 4 x Algae Vitalizer, 3 x Multi Vitamin
  • Suitable for dry skin, dull skin
  • skin needs: moisture, radiance & sparkle

My experiences with the ampoules

Again, for the Babor Ampoule Concentrates, I find these Energy Ampoules pleasant to use. After cleaning my face I use the concentrate from the ampoules. The liquid leaves a very nice fresh feeling on my skin every time, making me feel that it ’s doing its job just fine at night.

My skin feels fresh and smooth.

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