Webshop of the week Studio Little Things discount promotion

Webshop of the week Studio Little Things + discount offer

How cool, a webshop run by two sisters. Both super creative and with a background in fashion. That must be a successful concept.

And so it is! Studio Little Things is the webshop in the spotlight this week. A webshop where you can find crazy, find handmade, clothing and accessories for children and their rooms.

Webshop of the week Studio Little Things

On Instagram I follow quite a few nice webshops. I am a huge sucker For handmade but professional products so on Instagram I can have my fill. So some time ago I discovered the webshop of the sisters Lizette and Carolien. Studio Little Things has a very nice feed on Instagram and that made me curious.

After visiting the girls' webshop I was absolutely thrilled. What a great assortment and what great prices. Something I'm really surprised about because mostly handmade products are very pricey. Studio Little Things has fair prices which makes it fun for everyone to buy exclusive, beautiful clothes for their children.

The sisters tell you more about their webshop and their dream for the future.

Studio Little Things

Tell us something about the origin of your webshop.
“We are Lizette and Carolien, the creative minds behind Studio Little Things. We are two sisters of 27 and 31 years old. Studio Little Things was founded in June 2015 after many years full of ideas. We both have degrees in fashion and now we are finally putting this into practice.

Many clothes are already for sale of course, but we missed contemporary clothes in a completely different style. ‘We can do this better’ we thought! We stand for our own distinctive style that is unlike anything else. We design and make everything ourselves.

This allows us to respond to the latest trends and wishes of the customer. Last year we finally took the plunge and opened the webshop, exciting! But it goes better than we expected!”

Bblogt loves webshops; Studio Little Things + discount offer

Where does the name Studio Little Things come from?
“We make clothes for the little ones from 50 to 104 officially. (which is now expanding to size 110/116) Hence ‘Little’. ‘Studio’ we liked it because we do it together and ‘Things’ the word itself says it all. We sell besides clothes also lots of other stuff for example for the children's room.”

What nice things can we shop at your shop?
“Besides the regular pants, we also have harem pants, shirt, dresses and skirts. You can also shop with us for the best accessories, including bow ties, hair bands, necklaces, pacifier cords and more. To dress up the nursery you have come to the right place and almost everything is handmade by ourselves.”

Bblogt loves webshops; Studio Little Things + discount promotion

Where do you get your inspiration from?
“We get a lot of inspiration from pinterest, but also when we go fabric shopping you get the nicest inspirations when seeing the newest fabrics.”

Do you have a personal favorite? Something not to be missed?
“The polka dot dress, new to the collection is now the real best seller. We also like the wall ring of the whale too much not to miss in the nursery but also super nice just in the living room.

Bblogt loves webshops; Studio Little Things + discount promotion

What is your ultimate dream for the future of Studio Little Things??
“Jeez that's tough, expand our outlets, really put the brand Studio Little Things in the market, our own store. We don't really have one dream. We will see what the future brings.”

Discounted shopping

How fun is that? If you enter the following code when ordering at Studio Little Things, you will receive a 15% discount;


The discount code is valid until September 30, 2016 and applies to the entire collection.

Do you also love handmade products? What will you buy with the discount code?

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