How do you pass the time while waiting

How to pass the time while waiting

Waiting, something we all do a lot and often. We used to sit and look around, nowadays we all quickly grab our cell phones. Me too. Especially when I am waiting somewhere for a short while. But twice a week I wait half an hour at the athletics track and I can't get there with just my phone, I really take more with me to get through the waiting time.

And what then the picture of that young man with ‘my’ bluetooth headphones does to it, you can read here.


Wait, we do it a lot and often. Actually it is just part of it, Some wait more than others, for example I am always and everywhere early and so wait a lot. It's not bad, in principle, as long as you have something to do. What that waiting has become more pleasant, these days.

We always have our cell phone handy and this makes waiting more fun immediately.

Me time

The boys exercise twice a week. Previously this was a two-hour wait, but with the changes of groups it is now an hour and a half, that I have to wait. I cannot go home, since the youngest does not play sports for the first half hour and is waiting with me. In the summer this is fine, but as soon as it starts to get cold and dark, it is actually quite a thing.

Well there is a clubhouse where I can wait, but it is not always warm and comfortable here. I have hated waiting that long for ages.Until I started thinking about this time as me-time. I can do what I want during that half hour.

I don't get disturbed and (if they turn on the heater) I'm nice and warm too.

Reading books

What do I do that time? Sometimes I sit alone in the clubhouse and other times with more people. When I sit alone I like to read a book. I love to read, but don't get around to it much during the week.

And when it is quiet in the clubhouse I can enjoy reading and finally fill up my ‘read books list’ again a bit.


Sometimes the clubhouse is crowded, which is nice, but I can't read then. So I always take my bag with hook stuff with me. I am now crocheting a long cardigan.

Meanwhile I listen and chat along, but also get on with my crochet work.

Taking a walk

Recently I've been taking a walk around the block. Not only to pass the time, but also because I actually have to do it. Earlier I wrote that I can't run anymore because of knee problems. So I must find something else to work on my condition.

Walking is the easiest thing for me to do. Actually, I don't like walking at all, but I have time for this while waiting and these days I walk two laps at the cycling track.

Making walking fun

Recently I was approached with the question if I wanted to try out a bluetooth headphone. Normally I also walk with earbuds in, but often get tangled with the wires. These fall out of my ear, snag on my arm or coat.

So I wanted to try wireless headphones. I chose the Picun BT08 Over-ear headphones in the color white/ rose gold. Not only did I find this a very pretty color.

It's not so noticeable when I have it on.

When I got my headphones home I immediately linked them to my phone and ’tried them out that evening. The sound from the headphones is perfect. You hear the music very purely. No background noise. The wearing comfort is very nice because of the super soft padding and the design is sleek and beautiful.

I often listen to I-tunes, but you can also use an SD card or listen to fm radio with the headphones. The headphones are adjustable. Besides the headphones there is an audio cable and charging cable included.

For me this makes hiking a lot more enjoyable. And as for the color. I had hoped that this would scare the boys off, but nothing could be further from the truth, that half hour before he has to train and so is waiting with me he is only too happy to put my headphones on too.

wait bluetooth headphones

Where to find these headphones

This wireless headset, but also for example wireless earbuds ( ideal for running) can be found at Bleutooth In all price ranges, colors , shapes and sizes you can find something here.

What do you do while waiting?

For this article I received a product to review/ Disclaimer

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