Jurassic World – The boardgame review

Jurassic World –The Boardgame. An exciting, challenging game

Just Games has a new game Jurassic World – The Boardgame. A game in which you and friends will create the largest and most amazing dinosaur theme park in the world. A game where you have to be wary of dino’s.

A super fun and challenging game. Read all about it here.

Jurassic World – The Boardgame

Who doesn’t know them, the dinosaurs from the legendary Jurassic movie series? In Jurassic World – The Boardgame you get the chance to build the world’s famous and largest dinosaur theme park yourself! Agree with your friends who will dig up bones, who will modify the DNA of the dinosaurs, who will build the buildings or finance the park.

But beware! The dinosaurs can escape!

Can you and your friends run a theme park with dinosaurs? You will discover it in Jurassic World – The Boardgame!

How the game works?

Jurassic World – The Boardgame is a game for 2 to 6 people aged 12 and up. In this game you run a successful park full of dinosaurs or suffer the consequences if you fail to do so. The fun part is that you can have different adventures in Jurrassic World!

You divide the different roles among the players. Agree who will dig up bones, turn DNA into dinosaurs, build buildings, fund the park and more. Choose with your fellow players which mission you are going to do.

The nice thing is that missions have different levels of difficulty.

Working together in a theme park

As employees of the park, you have to work together.But beware! The dinosaurs can escape! So you are going to manage Jurassic Park together and make sure the dinosaurs do not escape.

A minimum of two and a maximum of six people can participate in this game at the same time.

Package Contents:

  • 16 Dinosaur tokens
  • Boardgame
  • Research lab and Fossil dig site board
  • Mainstreet board
  • 6 Player Signs
  • 6 Player Banners
  • Danger meter marker (red)
  • Entertainment meter marker (green)
  • Danger clock marker (black)
  • Hammond marker
  • 3 Dice
  • 3 Missions
  • 15 Construction cards
  • 15 DANGER! cards
  • 15 Upgrade cards


With two real Jurassic park/World fans in the house, I was very happy to receive this game. At first I was a little shocked when I opened the box of Jurassic World –The Boardgame, not because of the dino’s, but because of the amount of cards and boards contained in the box. From this you also immediately notice that it is a game for 12 years and older, because after reading the rules of the game I must say quite frankly that I did not understand much of it. Fortunately, our oldest son caught on to the game right away and after playing a game, we all got it.

Be prepared that the cards are all written in English. Which, by the way, are very easy to understand, because the tasks are clearly described.

How to start

You all choose a profession to perform in the park, but choose carefully, because you need each other to complete this game successfully. The first turn begins, you see exactly how many dice you may roll on which mission and try to execute your ‘box’ as well as possible. After everyone has had their turn, the danger clock shifts and you must throw above a certain number to avoid the danger.

If you throw lower, you must move the danger meter and take a card whose instructions you must immediately carry out. For example, dinosaurs can escape… If you complete the mission you chose at the beginning, you win the game!

Choose your mission in Jurassic World - The Boardgame and make sure you get the right dinosaurs in place in the park

A game where you have to think carefully

Jurassic Wold –The Boardgame is a game where you have to think very carefully, about the steps you take, the choices you make, but you also just have to be lucky enough to roll the dice. Because you play together, you help each other, encourage each other and share in the happiness, but also in the excitement when dei dino’s break out. It is a super fun, active game, where many afternoons can be filled.

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