How to grow sustainably in garden windowsill or balcony

How to grow sustainably in your garden, windowsill or balcony

From potatoes to basil and zucchini: everything tastes better from your own garden. Especially if you choose sustainable growing. With the products of garden brand Nature® this is extra easy, even if you want to garden on the balcony.

Garden trend: grow sustainably with these innovations

Growing sustainably, it actually sounds very logical, because when you have a vegetable garden, you might also work a lot with sustainability. In a vegetable garden, as well as with growing containers and growing plants, you see many recyclable items. Now expanding garden brand Nature® Expanding their growing assortment with practical and sustainable supplies.

I am a novice when it comes to vegetable gardening and until recently Nature® an unknown brand to me. Until I met them at a blog boat event. In addition to information, I also received a goodie bag, including items for sustainable vegetable gardening.

How to grow sustainably

You want to grow sustainably, after all this is better for the environment and your plants. But how can you do this? The tips below can help you:

Set of biodegradable grow pots with coconut fiber tablet

If you want to grow seeds or houseplants, biodegradable pots with tablets of coconut fibre from Nature® a godsend. The tablets in the pots provide the right amount of oxygen and water to encourage healthy root growth. Then you can put the biodegradable pots in the ground altogether.

Ideal because then you don’t have to bother with pricking out and planting in the ground, and you won’t damage the roots.

A set consists of three pots made of recycled wood fiber with tablets made of coconut fiber, suggested retail price€ 4,99.

Mini greenhouse with biodegradable coconut mat

Sustainable growing also means using reusable mini greenhouses. This greenhouse from Nature® fits perfectly on the windowsill and is available in two sizes. Place the biodegradable coir mat on the soil. Because it retains moisture, germination of seeds is promoted.

If you are going to put your plants in separate pots, cut the coconut mat to the right size beforehand.

mini greenhouse is a form of sustainable cultivation

The mini greenhouse is available in 35 x 23.5 cm and in 49 x 15.5 cm, recommended retail price € 10.95. The matching coir mats of 30 or 45 cm are sold separately, recommended retail price € 3.49.

Plant bags for potatoes, herbs and tuberous plants

If you have a small and modest garden or balcony, these new, trendy plant bags are ideal. The Nature® planting bags, available in beige and anthracite, are especially for growing tubers, herbs and potatoes. The handy flap allows potatoes to be harvested at any time and the handles make it easy to move the planting bags around.

Planting bags for potatoes, herbs and tubers

The plant bags are made of PE nonwoven fabric and have a size of H 43 x Ø 33 cm, recommended price € 19.95.

Nature® garden products are available at garden centers and webshops throughout the Netherlands. For more information look here.

Sustainable growing for a good harvest

Now that I’ve started a vegetable garden, I’m just discovering what’s involved. I’m very happy that I can also grow sustainably by recycling, using turf mats and, above all, taking good care of the things I have. I also use reusable grow labels from Nature. Ideal.

If you love gardening as much as I do, be sure to check out Nature’s site.

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