Shelf life of personal care products

Shelf life of personal care products – storage tips

Care products, some keep them in the bathroom, others in the bedroom. But do you ever look at the shelf life of personal care products? Or did you know they have a shelf life??

What's the best way to store your toiletries??

Where to put your personal care products

You obviously have two categories in personal care products. The products you use and the stock in the closet. Now a supply of cosmetics is fine, after all, personal care products have a long shelf life, but once they are open, they do have an expiration date.

What about shelf life??

But what about the shelf life of personal care products?? Unopened they have a long shelf life, but once you have them open in your bathroom, the counter starts running, so to speak. Because have you ever looked at the skin care product, cream, or lotion after you've opened it.

Have you ever seen a jar with an opened lid? Here is also for example a 3 or a 6 or 12 with the M there. So this says something about how long this product can be kept open.

Why is there a shelf life to cream or body lotion?

When products like cream or shampoo are ready for sale and are in jar, tube or bottle, there are basically no fungi, bacteria and yeasts present in the product. These can develop over time because the jar opens, air gets in or you put your finger in it. To prevent these bacteria from entering the jars, a preservative has been added, but of course this does not have an infinite effect.

You will then notice that the cream you are using may discolor or dry out.

What can you do to enjoy your products as long as possible?

  • Care products are best kept at room temperature with normal humidity.
  • It's not good to put the product in the sun or near a heater.
  • It is also important to always use with clean hands. Especially when it comes to, say, cream in a jar. As you get your fingers in the jar there is a good chance that bacteria will get into the cream. With cream coming from a tube, this is less likely.

Where to keep your stuff

Now, of course, it is precisely in the bathroom that there are temperature differences and the bathroom may not be the right place to keep your cosmetics. However, it is only natural that we all have quite a few products in our bathrooms. After all, this is where we use them the most!

What is wise then, is not to have too many products open at the same time. So finish your products first, before opening new ones. And if you keep your cosmetics in a bathroom cabinet now, at least make sure it's dry and dark.

Check your bathroom cabinet!

So it's good to use your own sight and smell, because you can automatically see and smell if a cream is still good to use. Check your bathroom cabinet occasionally for the shelf life of personal care products!

photo’s lodiblogt/ Free image by Steve Buissinne via Pixabay

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