Children’s book week party surprise everywhere

Children's book week party surprise everywhere!

Yesterday Bblogt was invited to Bol's children's book What a nice day we had! I fell from one surprise to the other. Not only because of the fun party but especially by the little man.

Mr. kept surprising me. How that came? You can read that here.

Children's book week party

The Children's Book Week Party was organized by in honor of the Children's Book Week that will start next Wednesday. I was invited with my son to be present. We love reading and reading books so this was a great party for us.

After a long car ride, according to the little man, we arrived at the parking lot. I saw that we had to walk a nice piece so prepared me for a squeaky toddler. Here it already started. I fell in the first surprise of that day.

The toddler was very enthusiastic and ran practically the whole piece. Normally he is not so ’ n walker so this made me very happy.

Once inside the party started. The little man received a stamp card so that he could participate in all activities. First we ran into Peppa Big. As a child I found people in Sun ’ n immensly big suit always scary.

And still a bit still a bit. What inspired you to walk around in a doll? I always imagine scary males. Apparently my toddler did not share this thought. He walked to Peppa and immediately gave the thing a hand and a high five.

Huh? Little man, who are you and what did you do with my toddler? As shy as he can normally be, he was so tough today.

After a short round, everyone was called to the stage. The party was opened and Wilfred Genee came to tell something about his book Bet it is tasty. A book about the favorite dishes of football stars, intended to let children eat healthy in a fun way. Then Angela Groothuizen read from her children's book Paula and Khalilo.

The little man was unable to keep his attention very well because sir was distracted by a life -size miffy. He also took a picture with that.

After drinking something with the, super nicely decorated, bar was crafted. Various authors presented their children's books through workshops. For example, we made a viewing box, a door hanger and a lot of coloring pages.

The little man was completely absorbed everywhere and turned diligently on all his works. As soon as he was ready, he neatly asked for a stamp. That also surprised me a bit.

Since he is pretty shy. However, he did not show that yesterday at all.

Also during the next amazing moment. As a child I always enjoyed seeing that other children were painted. However, I never wanted this myself.

Then a stranger went so close to your head. No nothing for me. So I never expected my own child to want this. ‘ Mama, I also want to be painted ’.

Uh.. ok, great guy. I actually expected that as soon as it would be his turn, he would not want to. But no, another surprise. It was his turn and told him he wanted to become a lion.

That's how it happened, my husband became a super beautiful lion. Proud mum.


I continued my way along all the books with a lion by my side. There were so many great writers and books that I actually wanted everything myself. I had agreed with the toddler that he could find a book at the end of the afternoon. Especially to protect myself otherwise I would have come home with a far too large stack of books. He figured out the Poepfabriek from Ron Schröder and Marianne Busser.

A huge fun and mega affordable picture book with verses about animals. The illustrations appeal to the imagination and the verses are funny and recognizable. This booklet also fits in super with the theme of the Children's Book Week, weird but true. After we bought this booklet I told my son that the writers were there too.

He then walked to Marianne and Ron and asked if they wanted to write something in his book. Another moment of surprise. Where had my shy guy gone? How big he was suddenly! In the end, Mr. even sat on Marianne's lap.



After a super fun afternoon with lots of booklets and activities, we created another bag of popcorn and went home. A Peppa Big balloon went along and along the way we ate a nice at the well -known roadside restaurant with that ‘ high tree ’. In short, we enjoyed it and are ready for the Children's Book Week.

Your children sometimes amazed you? When did you surprise yourself?

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