How to grow strawberries in the garden or on the balcony

How to grow strawberries in the garden or on the balcony

Strawberries, who is not fond of them? Delicious on a rusk or a bowl of strawberries with whipped cream! Strawberries are always tasty.

You can of course buy them in the store, but it is more fun to grow them yourself. Just in your garden, on the terrace or on the balcony.

A new garden

Twelve years we already live in our house. We have both front and back gardens, Last year we shoveled the front garden and changed the earth to pebbles. There are still some large pots with plants, to keep that garden feeling.

The back garden is another story. When we moved in, this one still looked good. We trimmed it a little each time. I have to say that the man in the house is the one with the green thumb.

After the children were born, the backyard became an eyesore. There were tiles that, if they fell, would immediately cause scratches. In addition, there was little wiggle room.

It was not really a child-friendly garden. Then new tiles came here and plants went out.

Kitchen garden, strawberries or plants

Then there was a bit of a question; and now? Go for a vegetable garden? Did we want to plant?

Or maybe both? I like the idea of a vegetable garden, but the rest of the family didn’t really like it. Also because we do not have a lot of space for plants and greenery. That is why there are plants in the garden now. Still, I did want to grow something edible in the garden and that’s how I ended up with strawberry plants.

We love strawberries here and the flowering plants of the strawberry plants look hearty too. Besides, a strawberry plant is easy to take care of. I am very happy with that. The plants are in pots so they don’t take up any space in my garden, The pots are just on the terrace.

Ideal also for your balcony.

Strawberries in the garden or on the balcony

But how to take care of a strawberry plant? Finally, I do want this to last a long time:

  • Make sure the soil in the pots is moist.
  • Put the pot in the sun and where there is not too much wind.
  • In the winter you will also have to ensure moist soil in the pots, otherwise the pots may break due to frost.
  • Put them temporarily in a shed during the cold season.
  • Remove leaves after the strawberry season, then the plant will not get too heavy and will also give a big strawberries the year after.

Strawberry plants bloom from May to September and strawberries come out during this time as well.

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