Sinterklaas or Christmas

Sinterklaas or Christmas?

New Year's Eve has yet to come, St. Nicholas has yet to return to Spain but Christmas is also just around the corner. In three weeks we will be stuffing ourselves with Christmas sweets, three course meals's and not much later with oliebollen. December is a jam-packed holiday month. Although I really like Christmas I have a big soft spot for Sinterklaas. I just think it’s such a cozy and nostalgic celebration, wonderful.

So I filled in a tag, where I had to choose; Sinterklaas or Christmas?

Sinterklaas or Christmas?

On the blog of Marijke and Hanneke I came across the Sinterklaas or Christmas Tag. A tag is a list of questions you can take over and fill in. Since I always claim that I like Sinterklaas best, I was curious what my choices would be. Whether I secretly choose Christmas after all.

We will see.

1. Treats (The pepernoten and marzipan or Christmas cookies)
Definitely Sinterklaas. I love spiced nuts, chocolate spiced nuts, gingerbread and gingerbread. I always find it ridiculous that the crumpets are already on the shelves when it is still full summer, but secretly I buy them every time anyway.

So tasty.

2. Decorations (St. Nicholas decorations or Christmas tree and other decorations)
Yes, Christmas wins anyway. I always put up the Christmas tree after December 6 and then I find it very cozy too. Lights in the tree, candles on the table, cozy.

Since I have children my house is somewhat decorated with Sinterklaas things. I find that cozy especially for the little guy but Christmas decorations win out then anyway.

3. Transportation (the horse, or the sleigh with reindeer)
As a horse lover I would of course choose the horse. The steamboat is also part of it. I don't often see a sleigh with reindeer at Christmas, I think we live in the wrong country for that.

4. Servants (Black Pete, or the reindeer and elves)
Black Pete! It really belongs here. I like elves but more in the form of the Droomvlucht at the Efteling and not those fat elves from Santa Claus. (No offence)

5. Gifts (in your shoe, with gift night or under the tree with a sock on the chimney)
I love it when my kids get to put their shoes on. It is still exciting to see if St. Nicholas comes and fills the shoe. I remember as a child lying in bed convinced that I could hear horses' feet running across the roof.

The next morning there was a Little Pony in my shoe. Isn't that cool? So here I really choose Sinterklaas.

6. Menu (Do you eat something special for St. Nicholas, or an elaborate Christmas menu)
We always gourmet at Sinterklaas. Having a nice family meal. I also like an extensive Christmas menu, provided I don't have to make it myself. Bad huh?! I like the eating more than the cooking.

So I'll take it easy and go for Saint Nicholas.

7. Faith (Bishop of Myra or Christmas Child)
Uh… I had to google that Bishop. Then I choose Christmas.

8. School (surprises or Christmas dinner)
My kids don't go to school yet so in that sense I have no experience with that. I did find it super fun as a child to make surprises. Secretly I would still like that.

I just don't get anyone in my family and friends. And to arrange tig surprises on my own, nope…

9. Sinterklaas or Santa Claus?
Duh! Sinterklaas of course!

10. Sinterklaas or Christmas?
Then I still choose Sinterklaas. I like Christmas but I really like Sinterklaas. (Although I'm also glad when it's over again, then maybe my toddler will calm down a bit again.)

I hereby tag Marjo, Cassandra, Linda, Astrid, Mary-Lou and Judith. I look forward to your answers.

What do you prefer? Sinterklaas or Christmas? I'm curious!

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