Cats and Moving – why this is so important

Cats and exercise- why this is so important

Cats and Moving, You think a cat might get enough exercise every day, but especially with indoor cats this can fall short. While movement is so incredibly important for a cat. Playing with the cat several times every day is recommended and cat feathers can help with this very well.

Cats and Moving

You have cats that are outside all day and therefore move a lot, but also indoor cats that often get less exercise. Now, of course, cats also love to sleep and give them wrong. Nevertheless, given the health of a cat, it is good when it really starts to move a number of times every day. And I mean playing, romping and running behind toys.

The cat feathers sniffing package can very well help to make your cat actively busy.

Why is moving so important

Inner cats simply move much less than outdoor cats. Movement and playing at cats, however, is very important for the well -being of your cat. In fact, for the health of your cat you should play with them three times every day. Not only does the band strengthen this with your cat, for a cat, movement is the way to stay healthy.

By moving you can help your cat stay on weight, train muscles and prevent diseases that are accompanied by obesity, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Playing with the cat also ensures that it is not going to scribble your furniture but start playing with toys

Give your cat enough exercise

Our cat is also a real lazy shell but always like to play with our son in the evening. The cat is really waiting for him and comes to him, gives cups until the oldest has caught the toy for the cat. I recently received a sniffing package of cat feathers to try out with our cat.

And it is a success!

Cat feathers Snuffet Package

This fun sniffing package consists of three different sizes of jumping stalls: small, large and jumbo. By buying a cuddle package, you can see for yourself which cat feathers is a favorite with your cat, because that cats and movement come together with these cat feathers that is clear. Your cat takes cat feathers like a prey in his mouth, he goes after it when they are thrown through the room, he shoots them away with his paw and then goes behind it like a rocket.

Kittens will probably like the smallest jumping springs the best. Our cat is completely enthusiastic about the large/long variant and the Jumbo.

Cats like to bite on toys, these springs are ideal for that Cats and moving, it's good for the health of the cat

The advantage of cat feathers

If cats move, by playing, they can also put quite a bit of power, with their bekkie or nails. With the spring springs of cat feathers you don’t have to worry that these broke, because they are so strong. With cat feathers, they recommend that they only have your cat play under supervision and to check the products regularly. If wear has occurred by playing fanatically, they recommend that you replace the product.

Also check the site at the packages page. Here you will find different packages filled with the best cat toys

Let cats move with the springs of cat feathers

What is even more good for a cat in terms of movement

In addition to cat feathers to make your cat move, you naturally have much more that makes cats enthusiastic:

  • If you have space in the house, take a look for a climbing post (other than a scratching post), ideal for a cat to get moving.
  • Interactive Toys for your cat, so toys that move on its own and thus provoking a comment with the cat.
  • A simple cardboard box is enough for a cat.
  • Cats often get bored of their toys. If your cat no longer plays with it, put it in the cupboard. Remove it again after a month and it is a brand new toy.
  • Halls with feathers are also favorite here in the house, just like a scratching furniture, but also with a piece of wool the cat can enjoy themselves for times, especially when our son makes him move with this.

Actively exercise with your cat

It is extremely important for your cat’s health that it moves enough. Playing together with the cat is only extra fun and with cat feathers you will notice that you have fun together, so that the band with a cat will also get better.

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