Fun with the winter or Super Dino activity book from Denksport

Fun with the winter or Super Dino activity book from Denksport

Two fun new Denksport Junior titles are coming out again. Namely a Winter and Super Dino activity book. Puzzling is always fun, but puzzling with a theme book even more so.

Of the winter book I may give one away in a win action. Do you join?

Think Junior

Denksport Junior comes out with two new titles. Both books are for ages 6 to 10. They are a winter activity book and a Super Dino Book.

Review the activity book

This is where the boys like to puzzle. On vacation it’s always a hit, partly because they see us doing puzzles then too. But also at home they like to puzzle with the puzzle books of Denksport.

Because the new books are for ages 6-10, I asked my youngest ten-year-old son if he wanted to review them.

The winter activity book

The first book is the winter activity book. A nice big full color puzzle book with a whopping 160 pages that kids ages 6 to 10 will enjoy all winter long. This book is full of puzzle favorites like sudoku, Swedish puzzles, line puzzles, find the differences, mazes and word searches.

In addition they have come up with fun rhyming, math and counting variations. And all in winter theme of course!

The winter book is a success and even my oldest son of eleven likes to do a puzzle in it. They really enjoy doing the puzzles, especially the Swedish puzzles and the word searches. They also like that Sinterklaas is in it.

The Super Dino activity book

My son loves dino’s so the Super Dino activity book, was grabbed by him first. The activity book is a beautiful and colorful full color puzzle book with 50 pages of Dino puzzle fun. Real dinofans test their knowledge with this puzzle book.

The Super Dino book is full of puzzles, facts and jokes. Decipher for example the dino secret writing. And when you’re done puzzling, you’ll find a dino 3D puzzle in the middle of the activity book.

To be honest, I thought the son might already be too old for the Super Dino book, but I was completely wrong about that. He likes the book a lot and is enthusiastic about the puzzles, but also about the jokes and riddles.


From Denksport I can get a Winter activity book giveaway. What to do for this:

  • Tell us in a comment below for whom you would like to win this activity book.
  • Respond with a valid email address.
  • I will announce the winner on December 1st, so it can go in the December 5th bag if you like.
  • I will send the winner an email and will report the name here.
  • You don’t have to, but you can and that is following me on Facebook or Instagram. Easy for other wins.

Congratulations Judith, you won the winter activity book. You have received mail.

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