Read tip after the fall

Read tip: ‘after the fall’ Gert-Jan van den Bemd

‘After the fall’, is the second book by Gert-Jan van den Bemd. An exciting book that grabs you from page one and won’t let go. Immediately you want to know more and keep reading.

The protagonist in the book “Sofie”, becomes a friend and takes you into her story that won’t let you go.

The second book by Gert-Jan van den Bemd

After ‘The Wrong Friend’ comes Gert-Jan van den Bemd with his second book After the Fall. I read a lot, preferably ’sitting on the couch in the evening with a good book and a cup of tea. I especially like novels and thrillers. Books like the Seven Sisters are my favorite, but I also read exciting stories about Jack Reacher in one go.

I had not read a book by Gert-Jan van den Bemd before so I was very curious about ‘After the Fall’.

The back of the book reads:

“Four days after the cremation, I called Max. He asked if he should come and help me, as if he lived around the corner. I hesitated before answering “No, I’ll manage’.

Therein, in those few seconds of silence and especially in that “red’, lay just enough reproach, even though he probably didn’t pick up on it. I had to manage everything on my own. The cards, the ad, the flowers, the cremation.

That he didn’t come back for that was no surprise. And when that part was over, he left the rest to me as well.”
When Sofie Nauta’s father dies completely unexpectedly, she is faced with the task of emptying two houses: the one in which she spent her childhood with her father and older brother Max, and the apartment in which her father lived the last years of his life. A job she must do alone, because Max does not lift a finger to help her. A disturbing discovery among her father’s possessions puts Sofie’s bond with her father and her brother in a different light.”

Keep reading

‘After the fall’ is a book where you are completely in from the first page. And only when you finish the book do you start to make connections to the first chapters and I did -after I finished the book- re-read the first two chapters, after which everything fell into place. The chapters are short, so you quickly through the book, every time you think, ‘another chapter, another,’ and before you know it you’re just another time further.

The book is exciting and exhilarating at the same time. From the first moment you want more, to know more, to read more, to discover more.

A book that sucks you in

With Sofie Nauta, the main character in ‘After the fall’, I immediately had a good feeling. She feels like a friend. A friend you listen to and would love to assist you in this difficult time she’s going through.

But it is also so, that you understand her, in the steps she takes, her curiosity and you want to know, how it is now, you want to know the secrets and would maybe just like her, take these steps.

Highly recommended!

‘After the Fall’ is highly recommended if you like novels and suspense. It is a beautiful story, where you do have to keep paying attention and can completely immerse yourself in Sofie’s life. So a book tip!

I am now also very curious about Gert-jan Van den Bemd’s first book.

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