Kenwood- Chef Titanium Patissier XL

Kenwood- Chef Titanium Patissier XL

With Kenwood you can actually count on putting a perfect dish on the table time after time, and now they are coming out with a new revolutionary food processor. The Chef Titanium Patissier XL. A food processor with innovative features especially for the baking enthusiast!

New at Kenwood

Kenwood is a leader in high quality kitchen appliances. And they come up with something new as in November Kenwood launches the new Chef Titanium Patissier XL. Even more beautiful and innovative.

For what about an integrated mixing bowl heater, integrated scale, 2.4 inch full color touch screen and lighting in the mixing bowl!. Thanks to these new features, the baking skills of baking enthusiasts can be taken to an even higher level

Baking has never been easier

Grandma’s apple pie was never so easy, but even complex, professional recipes can now be executed flawlessly with the greatest of ease. The unique and elegant design also looks great on any countertop. This food processor is indispensable in the kitchen of anyone with a passion for baking.

From pie to soufflé

Melt chocolate at the perfect temperature or let dough rise directly in the bowl? It’s all possible with this food processor. A special feature of the new Kenwood Chef Titanium is the EasyWarm mixing bowl with a unique built-in heat function up to 70˚C. Ideal because you no longer need to use a pan or microwave oven.

A scale is no longer needed either because in addition to the integrated mixing bowl heating, the Patissier XL can also weigh the ingredients in the mixing bowl itself. This easy-to-use EasyWeigh function makes baking even easier and more precise to ensure the best results. On the 2.4-inch full color touch screen easily selects from 6 preset recipes to support the most complex baking recipes.

With homemade baked goods such as soufflés, lemon meringue pie and macarons you will impress your family and friends by putting them on the table in no time.

Handy and powerful

Using the Patissier XL is a pleasure in every way. New quiet motor makes the Patissier XL the quietest mixer in the entire Kenwood line. From now on, making a birthday cake will really be a surprise. Plus, thanks to the convenient lighting in the mixing bowl, the contents are 14 times brighter than a non-lit bowl. This is how to closely monitor the mixing process like a true expert.

The Patissier XL has a total of 13 speeds including 3 stirring speeds and a pulse and folding function. Additionally, switch effortlessly between the stainless steel 7L or 5L mixing bowl, ideal if you need multiple bowls for one baking recipe.

Endless possibilities with this Kenwood

No recipe is impossible. The Patissier XL features a range of additional mixing bowl attachments such as a stainless steel dough hook, balloon whisk and k-beater. With more than 20 optional attachments to choose from, the options are endless: from slicing and (fine) chopping to making your own pasta and bread dough, fresh juices and even delicious ice cream.

The Patissier XL has an impressive 1400W motor, making it well suited for the heaviest ingredients. Fortunately, this power is not accompanied by unexpected splashing, as the splatter lid keeps your kitchen and clothes clean and dry.

Kenwood world

No inspiration? The Kenwood World app features countless recipes specifically for the Chef Titanium Patissier XL. This app also contains recipes for the new Cooking Chef Connect food processor. With this appliance you can both bake and cook, thanks to the induction hob that heats up to 180°C.

So should you be a cooking fanatic in addition to being a baking fanatic, this machine is a great alternative. The Cooking Chef Connect will also be available from November.

Not cheap, but so worth it!

I myself have had a Kenwood food processor for years, not as beautiful and extensive as this Chef Titanium Patissier XL, but one that I am very happy with, it has so many features that I use it almost daily. And I will be the first to say that Kenwood food processors are expensive! But you use it so much, it’s well worth its money!

At least this is how I experience it, because this is where I use my Kenwood so much.

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