Skin care- how to protect what you love

Skin care – how to protect what you love

Skin care, using a face cream or a body lotion every day, we often forget in the rush of the morning. Still, it is wise to take care of your skin and not only when you get older. But how to protect what you love?

Take care of your skin every day

‘Protect what you love’. Biodermal brings out the best in your skin and says it very well with this sentence. Because we protect our children like tigers, but our skin? Do we protect it as well? And I’m not just talking about sunscreen for your skin, because this is what you quickly think of ‘protecting’ but protecting your face.

This is especially important. Skin care is something that should be in your system every day.

Every skin type needs proper care

Of course, every skin type has its own natural strengths. But also, every skin needs proper care. Like that extra something that helps strengthen the skin, protecting it.

And if you are young then you might think ‘it will all be okay.’ Yet it is important to start protecting and caring for the skin at a young age. After all, you only benefit from this as you get older.

What happens to your skin when you get older?

By your skin, you may see the changes as you age first:

  • Your skin gets drier, thinner and more fragile.
  • Stains and spots can appear that were never there before.
  • The elasticity of the skin decreases.
  • And perhaps the thing we most look forward to is the appearance of wrinkles.

Tips to protect your skin

Now I am walking towards my fifties myself and I notice it in my skin, my skin is drier and therefore I lubricate well every day. I take care of my skin with with day cream, night cream, body lotion and hand cream. But even when you are younger, you can start with this:

  • Protect your skin from the sun! Choose a day cream with SPF protection. Even when you think the sun is not that bad, there are UV rays. Protecting your skin daily from the sun immediately prevents pigmentation
  • Use skin care products so aging skin doesn’t dry out.

Biodermal skin care products

I started this article with that beautiful sentence from Biodermal: Protect what you love. At Biodermal they think of us with a face cream for 40+, 50+ or 60, among others+. But also with products like; special skin care and scar cream, special skin care for pimples or insecurities, Gel cream for very high skin or sensitive skin.

So take a good look at what your skin needs for skin care products and buy the right products for it.

photo free image by Pera Detlic via Pixabay/ collaboration

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