New kitten

New kitten

Friday it was finally time. After weeks of waiting, counting down and being impatient, we were finally allowed to pick up our new kitten. Last month I had selected a very pretty red male at the cattery. A British shorthair kitten, to be precise.

Just like our cat Daisy.

In the weeks that followed we were spoiled by the cattery (breeder) with photos of our kitten. This is how the ‘ collection date ’ increasingly closer. Welcome Olivier!

So Friday was the day. I had agreed to pick up Olivier while our toddler was to the playgroup. He would not like the little man to be of enthusiasm.

Since he is small, he loves animals.

That is also somewhat brought to him, but how he approaches animals is always special to see. So I just awarded the new kitten a ‘ semi-strong ’ moment to get used to the house. With the emphasis on ‘ Semi-Strict ’, because there were already two dogs and a cat waiting for our return home at home.

Arriving at home I opened the carrier bag and the welcome committee already arrived. Spike, our black Chihuahua intersection was instantly in love and was bouncing hyperactively next to the bag. Earthquake number one for Olivier. Blazer, our somewhat set Chihuahua, briefly sniffed.

As soon as he discovered that there was nothing edible in the bag, he lay down on the couch again.

Unfortunately, boy. Daisy, our British Shorthair Poes, found it particularly interesting. She was unsuspectingly to Olivier. However, Olivier could not fully appreciate all the attention, so it was full of dedication in the bag.

Big mouth but a small heart because Mr. absolutely did not want to leave his carrying case.

Fine. Eventually the dogs were allowed to go outside so that Olivier could explore things without a spike in love who walked into his neck. This could appreciate the handsome kitten and soon he walked through the entire house behind me.

He carefully explored the house. In the meantime something was done, because it is a bit scary without your brothers and sisters.

After an hour and a half I really had to pick up our toddler. In the car he practiced the name ‘ Olivier ’ already. Once home, the little man was immediately over his ears in love. “ Aaaah, Lieffie!

Dear olivier. Come on, calmly only ”, he crawled after Olivier.

Not much later they sat together on the couch and tried to take Olivier snacks from the apple pie we ate. That will be all right with those two!
After a few hours of discovering, sniffing and on an adventure through the house, Olivier was very tired. Behind a pillow on the couch he fell into a deep sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZ …..

I am curious what this little man has in store for us. In any case, we already enjoy our little Olivier!

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