The little man is 4 years old

Hooray! The little man is 4 years old!

Four years ago, at the time of publication, I had been puffing away for 7 hours. I had just arrived at the hospital and hoped it would go nice and fast now. Too bad, it took me over 10 hours to get to that ten centimeters and then another fat hour fumbling to get Mr. out. I will spare you the further details today 18.01hour my little man is really 4 years old!

Hip hip hurrah!

The first hour

That little miracle tormented me for over 18 hours. Yep, I'm sure I'm not the first mom to say childbirth wasn't very festive. But hey, after 18 hours he finally came into the world. A little naked baby’s body was laid on my belly and for the first hour we saw nothing but each other. The little man absorbed me and the bond was formed.

I still think back with much love and pride to that first hour that I was a mother.

Four years later

And now four years later that little pink baby’s a very big guy. Who goes to school, makes friends and wants a volcano birthday. With every step he takes he lets go of me a little more. He wants to explore the world and is learning so many new things.

I'm glad he's turning 4 and not 18 already because I don't think I'm ready for the big letting go for now.


So I think back to that first hour when he came into the world and cut the cake today. Mr. treats today at preschool 16 volcanoes and gets to unwrap his big present. Sunday it's the family's turn and he can blow out 4 candles on a real volcano cake.

I feel like it!

Hurray the little man is 4 years 1

How quickly little ones grow up. Nice cheesy and cliché, huh?

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