How to save on high energy costs now

How to save on high energy costs now

Everyone knows by now that energy prices are extremely high, and everywhere you hear and read tips on how you can ensure that the costs will be less high for you. Since I can’t see the forest for the trees from time to time, I decided to put everything together to see what we can do ourselves, in home and behavior to reduce the high energy costs bring it down?

High energy costs

For many people it is a shock when they receive the new energy bill. The monthly prices have gone up tremendously and people may find themselves in trouble because of this. Now, there’s a lot we can’t do about anything, and maybe you don’t have the financial resources to insulate your home right now either, but even without additional costs, we might be able to do something about high energy costs.

Insulating the house

If you want to insulate your home to reduce the high energy costs, this will cost money, a lot of money. Actually, you are investing in the future. That it is not cheap to insulate your house can be a reason for many not to do it. Still, insulation is something to think about.

The costs are now, but you will be cheaper in the future. What can you do about home insulation??

Start with double glazing

Nothing is as bad as all the heat going out of the house without even realizing it. That is why it is so important to insulate your house properly. Think about double glazing first. The double-glazing price you pay now to insulate your home and combat high energy costs is of course an expense, an expense that will soon pay for itself.

You can easily order glass online and have it installed in your home.

Floor insulation

If you want to insulate your floor, you can do so by having the crawl space repaired. With an insulated floor your house will feel warmer. The insulation layer keeps cold air and moisture out of the crawl space and the heat in your house stays better.

Because you lose less heat, you save on your already high energy costs.

Wall insulation

You can have your cavity walls insulated to keep the heat in, this costs money, but can usually be recouped within three years. Now these are solutions that have to be done by someone else and always involve costs.

But there are also things you can easily do yourself

Now this money is not so easy to spend for everyone. After all, many households are currently facing extra high energy costs and already have to shuffle the money around. Then there are also inexpensive ways to reduce costs:

Draft strips

Draught causes coldness in the house and unnecessary energy consumption. The solution to this are draught strips. You can place them near the mailbox, along the crawl space or under the door.

You can probably feel for yourself where the draft is coming from. A draft strip makes your house feel warmer and wastes less energy.

The heating one degree lower

Just a little longer and the heating won’t need to be on at all, but until then, turn it down a degree. It may take some getting used to at first, but your body will get used to it soon enough and if you are cold, just put on a nice warm vest. Every degree less saves you energy costs.

Showering for less time

Taking shorter showers is good for the environment and certainly helps with high energy costs. Taking shorter showers saves water and gas. To get you and the kids to shower less, you can buy a shower coach. This is a small hourglass that indicates a time of 5 minutes.

You will know exactly how long you are taking a shower and when you need to get out again.

Saving costs

The above tips can help you reduce the high energy costs. One thing costs money, but you earn it back and you can start right now with the other. After all, every little helps!

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