Crying baby First teeth

Crying baby First teeth?

Our little lady is generally a contented and happy girl. She is now five months old, drinking well, eating some supplementary food and sleeping like a baby. Yesterday there was not much of that. Eating and drinking was fine but madam was angry.

She had stomach cramps and was crying a lot. I didn't know her like that. Would she be secretly getting her first teeth after all?

When do the first teeth come?

With our eldest we never really noticed the teething. He had quite little trouble with this and also got teeth late. Around eight months his first tooth came through. On average, babies’ll get their first teeth around 6 months old. Some babies’s already at 4 months, other babies’s so later, like our little man.

However, I now suspect that our daughter is the opposite of her brother.

A lot of sadness

The little girl was very sad all day. She could hardly be comforted. At first I suspected it was mainly abdominal pain.

When she has stomach cramps she calms down in the sling, but that didn't work as well as usual either. I also noticed that she was munching on her hands and was very happy with an ice cold teething ring. Where she normally sleeps for hours she now woke up even after an hour of sleep.

The poor thing is probably suffering from teething anyway.

Thorough inspection

I subjected madam to a thorough inspection. She felt warm but had no elevation. When I, at the risk of my own fingers, felt her gums I really did notice something.

There in that little pink lower jaw I could really see two teeth coming up. I hope they pierce them soon and my little girl is no longer in pain. In any case that will be gnawing on chew toys soon.

The remedy

How to help your little one’s first teeth come through? As you could read above I have already given Mrs. a chilled teething ring. That cools the gums nicely. In addition, there is of course a lot of cuddling and carrying.

I also race to the pharmacy because there are several remedies that can relieve your little one's pain. Think of Dentinox, drops that soothe the pain. Of course we will not experiment with this ourselves but the pharmacist or the doctor can give tips.

Did your children have a lot of trouble with their first teeth? Did you do anything special to help them with this?

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