How to measure the frame size of children’s bikes

How to measure the frame size of children’s bikes?

Your son or daughter needs a new bike. You see enough bikes online at webshops. But what size bike does your child need?? After all, you want your son or daughter to be able to ride away on the bike as soon as it is delivered.

In this article I tell you about the frame size of children’s bikes, So that you always choose the right size.

Ordering children’s bikes online

More and more children’s bikes are being ordered through webshops. But what if the beautiful children’s bike that has just been delivered does not fit your child?? What a disappointment both for you and your child.

While that friendly customer service rep assured you that this size would fit.. How can that be?

There are many children’s bikes offered on webshops. If your daughter has seen a beautiful pink princess bike and really wants it, it is important that you choose the right bike size. Your daughter will enjoy riding her new bike, but it is also important to choose the right size for safety and stability.

What frame size you should have

If you search the internet you will come across all sorts of different methods for measuring children’s bike sizes. What is the best method and what should you pay attention to??
The frame size is determined by measuring the inseam (the distance from the bike seat to the ground), which allows you to calculate the right bike frame size to fit your child’s height.

It is important not to buy a bike that is too big or too small. The saddle should be at the lowest position and the feet should touch the ground when your child sits on the bike. The saddle can always be placed higher when your child is growing.

If you can’t measure it, your child’s clothing size is also a good indicator. In addition, there are different wheel sizes available for children’s bikes, which determine the size of the bike rim. These start at 12 inches and go up to 28 inches.

These wheel sizes are suitable for children of 2.5 years and older. The age of the little one says very little about the size of the bike, so it is not recommended to use that as an indication.

Order accessories right away

So ordering from a webshop is a very easy and pleasant method to get a nice bike quickly, and all accessories can be ordered directly with it! What more could you want? Besides paying attention to the sizes of the children’s bike, there are many other extras that make the whole ordering process even more fun, such as: Side wheels or not?

Will it be a tough bike for your son or a sweet princess bike for your daughter??

Are you planning a new bike for your son or daughter?? Or are you looking for bicycle accessories? Take this tip to heart and avoid disappointment.

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