Hula hooping- Fun way to exercise

Hula hooping- Fun way of exercising

Exercising with a fitness hula hoop. When it comes to fitness, I always like to find out whether trends work or not. When I bought the hula hoop there was little information about it hula hooping would make your abs stronger and your waist slimmer.

I tried it out.

Hula hooping is hard

Once I had the hula hoop at home, I started practicing fanatically, the first five days were tough. Just to run that thing for two minutes I barely managed and my hips were blue with spots and it hurt. I stopped for a few days and after a few days I started building up again.

Bikini Body Guide

I quietly built up a schedule until I reached 20 minutes. But then it hit the fan. I found a new fitness trend and started fanatically using the Bikini Body Guide (BBG) making the hula hoop a dusty item in the corner of the bedroom.

Instagram challenge

Until I saw on Instagram a fellow blogger who was hula hooping. I was inspired by this and after several women responded, this blogger figured we would all take on a challenge together. On June 1, we started.

Everyone does at their own pace and their own idea.

Practice via YouTube

On June 1 I got my hula hoop out of the dust and started again. First slowly with 5 minutes of exercise and slowly building up. I had no pain or bruises. Well this time I did look up several videos on YouTube.

Through these videos you learn to move more, also use it differently and I myself find it fun to ‘follow someone’ while hooping. On Facebook we have a group with the ladies who participate in this challenge, and we keep each other informed about the whole thing.

‘Does it help’ it for a slim line

I read somewhere the other day that hula hooping was not scientifically proven to lose weight. The waist would decrease in inches, but the fat percentage remained the same. In another article I read that it is good for your abs.

Your waist and hips become slimmer if you do it a few times a week. So ideal if you have swimsuits. In addition, this exercise makes you more flexible, less likely to suffer from lower back pain and reduces tension.

And finally: you burn a lot of calories with it too . For example, a study by the University of Wisconsin found that with half an hour of hooping, you burn an average of seven calories per minute.

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Exercise is always good for you

I think I’ll keep both of these surveys in mind. At least the fact that you move a lot with hula hooping is good for burning calories. I don’t have to leave the house for it, can possibly hula hoop at my favorite television program and is always better than sitting still.

Also, doing ‘together’with other ladies, I really like and encourages and motivates me to continue hula hooping even after June.

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