How to get the garden ready for winter

How to get the garden ready for winter

Are you busy getting the garden ready for winter?? Now is the time to prune, rake the grass and plant bulbs. But how do you prepare the garden for winter and what are the favorite garden chores of the Dutch??

Get the garden ready for winter

More and more people opt for more green in the garden. This is good and beautiful, but also requires more maintenance. You often think you’re busy with a garden in spring and summer, but it’s also important to pay attention to the garden in autumn and winter.

Because by getting it ready for winter, you will ensure that the garden can grow and bloom again in the spring.

Avoid sore muscles

People often spend as much as one to two hours a week gardening. Regular hoeing, pruning and mowing outdoors is a great way to stay fit, although the life of the Dutch gardener and gardener’s wife does not go over roses. To prevent muscle pain, it is good to choose ergonomic garden tools. Consider the length and weight of a basic handle.

Don’t choose materials that require constant squatting. But choose garden tools that you can stand up straight with.

What can you do in the garden now

To get the garden ready for winter, it is important to prune plants and trees in time and what you can also do now in advance is to plant flower bulbs. Planting now will make your garden look neat and tidy in the spring.

Keep the grass healthy

Until the end of October, depending on the weather, the lawn can be scarified. Scarifying allows the lawn to breathe again and improves the absorption of light, air, water and nutrients. Keep your grass healthy, green and moss-free.

What are the favorite garden chores

WOLF-Garten® conducted an online survey in June and July 2022. 384 respondents participated, of which 99% had a garden and 1% had a balcony/terrace. Of the participants, 51% were male and 49% female, the majority in the 35-65 age group. This survey asked about the most favorite and least favorite garden chores:

The most favorite garden chores are:

  • Pruning 48%
  • Lawn mowing 47%
  • Gardening 43%

Least favorite garden chores are:

  • Weeding 52%
  • Hoeing 24%
  • Sweeping 21%

Create a healthy garden

That keeping a vegetable garden is only the third favorite thing to do surprises me. Personally, this is really my favorite, but I should add that keeping up the vegetable garden is also the only garden job I do. All the hard work, like pruning and weeding, is done by my husband. In recent years, we have purchased good gardening tools, because that muscle pain after working in the garden I understand very well.

Make sure the tools are the right length. so you do not get back pain and you can enjoy preparing your garden for the winter.

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