Softening salt how does it work

Softening salt, how it works?

By using softening salt, you can make sure your tap water gets rid of excess scale. This results in softer water, with the great advantage that appliances and machines, which come into daily contact with tap water, have a longer life and use much less energy. But how does softening salt actually work?

In this article we take a closer look at this matter.

What’s in our tap water?

To better understand how water softening salt works, it is important to know the composition of our tap water. Our tap water contains various minerals, salts and bacteria. The tap water that comes out of the tap in the Netherlands contains a considerable amount of calcium and magnesium. Calcium and magnesium have the property of chemically reacting with a substance called carbonate.

The white deposit that subsequently forms is therefore called calcium carbonate, scale or boiler scale.

What is the function of softening salt?

Softening salt removes much of the metal ions from tap water. And let calcium and magnesium both be metal ions. These two substances specifically attach to the chloride ions from the softening salt and then remain as packets on a water filter.

Another word for such’a water filter is ion exchanger.

A water softening system

By now you will have understood that in addition to using softening salt, you also need a water filter to obtain the desired effect of the salt. This water softening system consists of a cylinder containing tiny granules of special synthetic resin. These grains of synthetic resin have the ability to bind calcium and magnesium to themselves. However, the effectiveness of your water softening system depends greatly on the quality of the softening salt used.

We recommend that you always choose the softening salt from Strooizout Gigant. They have years of experience in the salt industry, so you are guaranteed to get the best quality softening salt in your home.

Refill softening salt on time

To keep your water filter working optimally, it is important to replenish the softening salt regularly. The amount of salt you need will depend on several factors. One such factor is daily water consumption. A family consisting of four people will use significantly more water than a single-person household. In the first case, therefore, the softening salt will also need to be refilled earlier (and more often).

In addition, the hardness of the water coming out of your tap is of great influence. The harder the tap water is, the more softening salt you will need to use.

What happens when the salt runs out?

If you forget to replenish the softening salt on time, you will notice that your water filter no longer works optimally and hard water will start coming out of your tap again. Once you are used to purified water, you will notice this immediately. Our advice is to always keep a supply of water-softening salts in your kitchen cupboard.

This way you will never have unexpected surprises and you can always enjoy delicious soft tap water.

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