Keep children busy during a long drive tips

Keeping kids entertained during a long car ride- tips

Now that it is true that we can go on holiday abroad this summer, the question often comes: ’ How long is it?’ This question then comes from the backseat with the children. The tip how keep children busy During a long drive, but also for short journeys at home or abroad.

Keep children busy

How can your children keep busy during a long drive on their way to a holiday destination? We used to read whole books on the way to southern France, my children prefer to look at a screen while driving. And I don’t think that’s a problem, as long as this is not the whole ride.

And there comes the creativity of the parents around the corner. Because keep them busy, during that long ride.

Mobile on vacation

Where we still bought those devices for our children that could hold a DVD, today children watch a movie on their mobile or play games on the tablet from the back seat. Use a tablet or mobile in the car can be done without internet. There are plenty of games that can be played offline.

But I can also imagine that they want to app on the way with friends, post a photo or just want to be online. Does your child not yet have a subscription, but it might be ready for this. And are you actually too late to purchase a SIM card just before the holidays? Then an Esim subscription from Simyo is for you. Esim is a digital SIM card that you can use immediately.

So you don’t have to wait until the SIM card comes by mail.

Games that you can play without internet

Now you don’t need internet for many apps and games on your mobile. Below a few examples of games that can be played offline, but there are of course many more. Ideal during a long car ride or during a road trip in the country of destination:

  • Minecraft
  • Bobo
  • car bingo
  • Zappelin
  • LEGO Games

Creativity of the parents

As a parent, some creativity and patience are certainly expected during a long drive to the holiday destination. It is also not surprising at all when you say occasionally; ’ Grab your mobile and please watch a movie.’ You too cannot ensure entertainment all the time. The children do not play online do not forget to increase the data bundle before the holidays, even when your child has a prepaid SIM card.

But in addition, creativity will certainly be expected from your side. And that there is sometimes grumbling in the back seat, that’s just the case and we just have to take granted for granted. As soon as you are at the destination, this will clear up again. But not to prevent too much grumbling or boredom now, here are some tips:

Enjoy the car ride

Make sure the children take a bag with their own things, think of:

  • do book
  • reading books
  • puzzle booklets
  • Magazines for one person
  • favorite hug
  • sunglasses
  • camera
  • headphones

Provide a surprise bag

Ensure that children have the space to sit and move. But also make sure you have a bag with you, full of surprises, small things and goodies for the road. Are the children who tired of a long drive, then you can brighten them up again with a small surprise.

Old -fashioned games are still doing well

You may think that the games we used to play are no longer fun, but make no mistake about this. Children still enjoy guessing car brands, counting car colors or looking for a certain number in a license plate, but also the well-known game ‘I’m taking you on holiday’ and then memorize the entire sequence for as long as possible. Provide sing -along music or put on a fairy tale.

Time goes much faster.

Stop regularly and let the children play for a while

Although you may want to be at the destination as soon as possible, children have to rise occasionally in the meantime. Go to a parking space with a playground and let them play for a while. With a bit of luck they are so tired after that they fall asleep immediately. It seems wonderful to me as a child, that you wake up and be in another country

Are we there yet

The question ‘ are we already there?’ will often be stated. Here they already came up with this question when we had just left the house and had to drive all the way to the South of France. Keeping children busy during a long car ride is sometimes quite tiring, so it’s not a bad idea to let them look at that screen every now and then, so that you can also pay attention to the road and stay focused.

Find a good Middenweg in yourself entertain and play games together and know that at the end of the ride, the holiday destination is waiting for you! If you still have tips, let them know for sure in a comment.

Photo free image of Pexels via Pixabay/ collaboration with Simyo

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